Campus Activities

The intramurals program at ORU organizes and facilitates a number of competitive recreational activities for the student body. Throughout the academic year, both male and female students organize teams to participate in these activities. Students participate on a voluntary basis. Intramurals offers various levels of competition from recreational to competitive leagues. The sporting activities include flag football, volleyball, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, racquetball, disc-golf, badminton, basketball, 3-on-3 basketball, outdoor soccer, 3-on-3 soccer, softball and ping pong.

The Intramurals Department is assisted by a student leader support staff. These students help coordinate and oversee all sporting activities. The Intramurals Department also provides additional opportunities for current students in positions such as referees and field staff.

Intramurals continues to be the highest-rated campus activity among the student body. Most of the participation is among students living in the residence halls. Participants also include faculty members, graduate students, commuter students and even ORU alumni. In the male and female residence halls, each floor is referred to as a wing. Each wing has a specific name, and students on these individual wings compete together throughout the year as a very close-knit family. Each wing has an athletic chairman who is nominated by the wing to ensure they are informed of deadlines and details related to participation in the year-round activities. Participation is important to all the wings because each has the chance to be victorious. Participation is high, competition is tough and one champion is crowned at the end of the year.

Each student participates in intramurals at his or her own risk of injury. The University takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained while participating.
Concert opportunities abound at ORU. Faculty members, students and performing groups appear regularly in concert. Campus performance groups include the University Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Jazz Ensemble, Opera Theatre, University Chorale and the Oratorio Chorus. In addition, popular concerts and guest performers appear at the Mabee Center on a regular basis. Tickets for Mabee Center events may be purchased through the Mabee Center Ticket Office.

Clubs & Organizations

There are many opportunities to get involved at ORU. All clubs and organizations at ORU must be registered and sanctioned by the ORU Student Association (SA). Each club must renew its sanction annually through SA. Registration entitles clubs to hold meetings on campus, sponsor events and raise funds as needed. There is a minimal registration fee charged each year, paid to SA at the time of application or renewal. Registered groups also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Club Rush sponsored by the SA.

More information concerning clubs and organizations is available in the SA offices located on the lower level of the Hamill Student Center or by calling 918.495.6333. A list of sanctioned clubs and organizations at ORU is also available at the SA offices.

Clubs are open to all ORU students without discrimination. Some organizations that are specialized in nature require students to achieve specified goals prior to admittance. All club and organization activities and events are subject to the approval of the respective advisor and Student Development. Any member of any organization or club that is insubordinate to the advisor is subject to dismissal from that club or organization. For a current list, please see
Accounting Honor Society
This group emphasizes the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession and recognizes outstanding accounting majors.
Administrative Management Society
This student fellowship seeks to develop students into professionals through exposure to practical aspects of business.
Alpha Epsilon Delta
This organization is the premedical honor society, which recognizes excellence in premed scholastic achievement.
Alpha Psi Omega
Alpha Psi Omega is the National Honorary Dramatic Society, which seeks to stimulate interest in dramatic activities on campus.
American Chemical Society
Chemistry majors have formed this student fellowship, which promotes an awareness of responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.
Association for Computer Machinery
ORU’s computer club is made up of students interested in the field of Computer Science.
Big Brothers & Big Sisters
The Big Brothers & Big Sisters mission is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported one-on-one mentoring relationships. ORU students have opportunities to volunteer as mentors for at-risk youth in the local Tulsa community.
Campus Israel Alliance
For students who want to support the alliance that the United States has with Israel. Activities include lobbying workshops and opportunities to hear from members of Congress.
College Democrats, College Libertarians, College Republicans
Clubs for students interested in involvement in their political parties.
Der Deutsche Verein
The German Club promotes a greater understanding of the German language and culture.
Environmental Stewardship
This group actively seeks ways to care for and cooperate with the environment, both on campus and in the community, and promotes education and awareness of environmental issues.
Gamma Beta Phi
ORU’s Honor Society and largest organization is student-led and made up of members who have demonstrated high academic achievements. They also serve the Tulsa community by volunteering with clubs such as Boys and Girls Club of Tulsa.
Hebrew Culture Club
Seeks to explore the Hebrew roots of faith in Yeshua (Jesus) with activities such as special speakers, movies and Jewish holiday celebrations.
Intercollegiate Athletics
ORU students are admitted to all intercollegiate athletic events without charge by presentation of a valid Eagle Card.
International Student Organization
Also known as ISO, this student fellowship is designed to assist international students in their transition to life in the U.S., as well as life on campus.
Le Cercle Français
More commonly known as the French Club, this is an excellent opportunity for students to experience French language and culture.
Model United Nations (MUN)
A simulation of the United Nations representing various countries. Students learn diplomatic and research skills.
Mu Phi Epsilon
As a chapter of the International Music Fraternity, this group promotes the advancement of music and scholarship in America.
Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL)
Equips all majors with the knowledge and experience to work within government and includes a five-day competition at the Oklahoma state capitol.
Also known as the English Club, this organization seeks to create a better understanding of and appreciation for English literature, from both the reader’s and writer’s points of view.
Psi Chi Rho
This organization, also called the Psychology Club, seeks to stimulate interest in psychology through intellectual, cultural and social programs and activities.
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
This group offers students a better understanding of the public relations field and a chance to work directly with PR professionals on service learning projects.
Sigma Tau Delta
The International Honor Society for English majors who have completed three semesters of course work.
Social Work Club
This group is designed to keep students informed about and involved in seminars and events relating to social work.
Society for Human Resource Management
The mission of SHRM is to prepare students for a career in Human Resources by increasing knowledge and exposure of students to networking opportunities through guest speakers, field trips, mentors, internships and shadow days.
Spanish Club
The largest club on campus. Come and learn more about the Hispanic culture. Student Nurses Association—As a member of the Oklahoma National Student Nurses Association, this group strives to contribute to the development of nursing education.
Theological Society
An organization for students interested in theology.
The Biology Honor Society strives to honor both professional and academic excellence in the biological sciences.

Communication Arts and Media

Theatre Arts
The theatre area of the Communication, Arts and Media Department produce a Fall Theatre Classic that is performed to over 2000 high school students as well as the public. We produce a second fall show and Showcase Theatre (3 evenings of one acts that our directing class produces) both in the fall and the spring. Each spring we unite with the Music Department and produce a musical, and we finish a fourth production in late spring. Every other fall we unite again with the Music Department and produce an opera.
Our dance area performs two dance concerts, one in the fall and one in the spring. These concerts feature both faculty and student choreography and sometimes guest artists’ choreography that is set on our dance majors.
Student Publications and Media
Student Publications and Media is the home of the student newspaper (The Oracle), the campus yearbook (Perihelion), and the campus radio station (KORU). It provides students with experience in all phases of the publishing process as well as an opportunity to earn scholarships. Faculty advisers provide oversight and training to all students involved.
The Oracle
The Oracle is a student-produced newspaper distributed free every two weeks on campus and at nearby businesses. It provides news and information about the ORU community and serves as a learning opportunity for students seeking degrees in journalism and related media programs. Student journalists conduct interviews, write stories, take photos, design pages and sell advertising.
Perihelion is the annual yearbook, published each fall as a means of chronicling the previous school year in words and photos. It is designed and produced by students who spend the entire year capturing moments and activities on campus from August move-ins to May graduation. Full-time returning students are entitled to a copy of the yearbook, which is funded through general student fees. The yearbook is mailed to seniors who graduate during the year.
KORU is the ORU campus radio station. In the mid 1960s through the early 70s, ORU owned and operated a 100,000-watt FM radio station. In 1972, KORU’s terrestrial frequency was sold. The station became a campus-only DAIRS system and eventually went silent. On August 26, 2011, KORU was relaunched and currently operates as a student-managed, online station streaming English and Español Christian praise and worship, rock and rap music. Special student-produced programs feature campus news, sports reports, talk shows and more.

Worship Center

The Worship Center is an extension of the University that focuses on the training and development of worship leaders. Opportunities within the department include frontline vocals, choir and band for weekly chapels, as well as worship tour teams, summer worship missions trips and CD/DVD projects. With all of these opportunities available to the students, the International Worship Center makes ORU a unique and powerful place to experience worship. For more information, call the office at 918.495.7729.

Missions and Outreach

The Missions and Outreach office provides students practical opportunities to fulfill the vision of the university to send students into every man’s world where “God’s light is seen dim, His power is not known, and His voice is heard small.” Students get the chance to “show our Christian concern to humanity” through international development missions trips, food drives for the homeless, local outreaches in Tulsa, and more. Contact the Missions and Outreach office at 918.495.7728 for more information.
The Missions program sends out around 30 student-led short-term missions trips during spring and summer breaks. Students are trained on leadership, team building, ministry preparation and more to partner with and serve Christian organizations all over the world. The focus of the trips vary by location and can include clean water development, construction, medicine, sports, and orphanage ministry, but all of the trips aim to share the Gospel in creative ways.
The Outreach program encourages students to reach out to people in the Tulsa community with their passions and skills throughout the school year with their floors and friends. There are over 20 weekly outreach opportunities in which students can get involved that range from feeding the homeless, to mentoring children, to constructing homes. Students get to learn from and partner with several local organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Tulsa Dream Center, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and others to see Tulsans impacted by Christ’s love.

Prayer Movement

The ORU Prayer Movement consists of students who are passionate about their relationship with Christ and prayer. This movement is student-led and incorporates worship and prayer in a group setting. Though not a club, it consists of many students desiring to seek the heart of Christ and to pray for the ORU community. The students are part of a team and facilitate nightly prayer sets with live worship in the ORU Prayer Room, located in the University Prayer Tower. The Prayer Teams are very diverse and have different focuses, such as intimacy with CHrist, missions, evangelism, and personal ministry. The vision of the ORU Prayer Movement is “to know Him” (Phil. 3:10) so that He may be known in every man’s world. Through these corporate times of prayer, the ORU Prayer Movement desires to connect the ORU comunity to each other and more fully to God.

Student Association

The Student Association (SA) is organized for all ORU students so that they may take an active and meaningful role in both the decision-making processes of the University and in promoting the founding purpose of the University. All of this is done in an effort to encourage school spirit and individual growth among students. There are many excellent opportunities for involvement and service through the SA and its various activities.

The SA is led by a president, executive vice president and vice presidents for activities, financial affairs, marketing and graduate/commuter affairs.

In addition, there are over thirty staff who work within SA assisting each distinct office.

The election of the officers takes place each spring in a campus-wide election. Any full-time qualified student may run as a candidate for office. Staff hiring takes place late in the spring semester and is open to any interested student.

The SA Blueprint is a group of 30-35 brilliant and motivated freshmen, viewed by SA as the next generation of student leaders on campus. Throughout the year, the Freshman Council works closely with the SA President and Freshman Council coordinator to develop leadership skills in a fun and fellowship environment, learn about different departments and organizations within ORU and help represent the needs and concerns of their fellow classmates to the SA. The application process for Freshman Council is competitive and takes place in the first few weeks of school.

There are many other ways to be involved in SA: participating in committees, volunteering in the SA offices and helping out with SA events. Opportunities for involvement will be highlighted by the wing representatives or by calling or stopping by the SA offices.